We tried to answer most common problems for installing and running Optima Dekor. If you can not find the answer here, please contact us.
Optima Dekor kitchen and bath design software


How Can I Buy?

If you used our demo and liked it. Please call or email us and we will talk about purchase details. We have different payment alternatives for every country. Please see the Price page for further details.

Can Addd My Colors?

Yes, you can add any jpeg picture to the program. Just make sure it is named properly only in English characters, no spaces. In fact, Optima Dekor can do texture adding inside the program automaticallly.

If I lose the DVD or license key, do I have to buy again?

Absolutely, no. As long as the license is for the same computer, you will not pay again. The setup program can be downloaded anytime you want. If you wish we can send you physical setup DVD but you have to pay for cargo.


You can return the program within 30 days any time you like. We do not pay $100 of the price you paid. We return immediately the remaining sum. If you are given unlimited license key then we do not accept returns. The major reason we have unlimited demo is for you to try the program thoroughly before buying.

What happens if I format my hard drive?

You can install the program yourself anytime you want because you will have the setup program and license key. The license key you are given is valid even after formats. For this reason you don't need us for reinstalling the program.

How many licenses are given?

2, you can install on 2 computers. Because we give you 2 license for 2 computers. If you need more licenses, you have to buy extra licenses.

Do I have to pay for new versions of Optima Dekor?

Yes, new versions are not free. But you get a big discount for being a customer already, a discount of 30-50% will be available to you.

Where is the origin of the program?

We should proudly mention that Optima Dekor is made(produced) in Turkey.

What happens if I change my computer?

When you buy a new computer we will give you a new license for that computer. But you have to prove you bought a new computer in your name.

How can I reinstall after formatting hard drive?

If you keep the license key we give you when you buy. You can enter it again after formats. If you lose the license key, it sent to you again free of charge. You don't need to pay anything for same license keys.

How difficult is the program??

Optima Dekor kitchen, bath , interior design software is VERY EASY to use. We designed the program in such a way that a 10 year old can learn in a single day. For this reason, you don't need any special training for using the program. Besides we have audio-visual training videos online and inside the program itself. They are short videos , focused on a single subject at a time.

What is Render?

Here, render means producing 3D images on the computer screen.

Hardware specifications for Optima Dekor v3

Optima Dekor runs on Windows only (xp-vista,7,8) but you should have a good computer configuration. Preferably, a CPU better than i3-i5-i7 but it can run on lower configurations too. You should test the demo first.

New cabinet Door Models..Add textures(jpg)

There are many types of cabinet door models in the program. But if you want to add new models yourself, you can't add them in 3D format. But you can add a picture of the door model to textures catalog. Then you can apply this jpeg picture to the cabinet door. Only problem is you can not change the color with jpeg. Your door will look in the color of the jpeg picture only.

Major differences between versions

Beginner version is for kitchen and bathroom design only. Anything can be drawn in the Standart version. Professional version has costlist and cutlist. These are the most important differences, for details please see Prices page.