We tried to answer most common problems for installing and running Optima Dekor. If you can not find the answer here, please contact us.
Optima Dekor kitchen and bath design software

1 - I can't install, "setup files are corrupted"

First check the downloaded setup program to see if you downloaded it intact. Check the file size of downloaded file(example :356 mb). you also need to download dotnetfx4.0 and install it.

2 - Program hangs when starting, it does not start

Here download XNA setup and install If you have setup DVD you can also find XNA install there. Another reason is dotnetfx4(Microsoft Framework 4.0) is not installed. Please install it. Another reason is your graphics card is old.

3- Red X error

This error happens when you want to enter properties window and your graphics card is old. Your onboard graphics card may be insufficient too. . You can turn this off from Options/3D menu. You can not enter video mode either, same reason as error number 4.

4-Program does not start

Your computer's graphics card may be old. To test your graphics card download this small program and run it. SM must be 2.0 or higher.

5- Shell Protection error

XNA Framework 4.0 is not installed, you can download and install it from the link above. Another reason is your graphics card is old or its driver is not installed . If it says Standard VGA Graphic in your computer's hardware list then graphics card driver is not installed.

6- Invalid license

The license key you have may be incorrect or you are netering it incorrectly. Enter it carefully without empty space before or after the key. Another reason if you had a temporary license and you changed teh systwem date on Windows, you may have to reformat your hard drive.

7- No Disk error..

When you want to take a picture if this error happens. Open the POVRAY.ini folder in \v3\povray\ini folder and delete all lines that says "Library_Path".

8- Vector expected but color expression found....

This error happens if your Windows system decimal separator is set to "," it must be "." Or you can turn on the check box from the Options menu "This computer has an accounting program". You can manually change decimal separator from Regions/Languages section of Windows.